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Various Methods of Fixing Your Leaky AC Unit

Various Methods of Fixing Your Leaky AC Unit

Your air conditioning unit is a home component that helps keep your house comfortable throughout the summer. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t receive the proper care and attention it needs, it can sustain damage and begin leaking. Thankfully, it’s possible to repair a leaky air conditioning unit in your home.

In this post, furnace replacement experts from Ainsworth & Co. Air Conditioning – Heating discuss the various ways you can fix your leaky AC unit.

Various Methods of Fixing Your Leaky AC Unit

Clean the Condensate Drain Lines

Your AC unit is likely leaking due to the build-up of mold and slime that has grown in your condensate drain line over time. The first step to fixing the leak is to clean the plastic elbow that leads from the condensate pan. Depending on how much slime there is, you may have to cut this part out and replace it.

Clean the Condensate Drain

To clean the condensate drain, you’ll have to hook up a shop vac to the end of the drain outside your home. Then cover or cap the vent and run the shop vac to suck out any dried or wet slime from the line. Remember that you’ll need to remove the shop vac’s paper air filter for this to work properly. If you’re uncertain about doing this on your own, you can always call the air conditioner replacement and repair experts to get it done for you.

Keep the Drain Line Clean and Clear

To prevent future issues like this from reoccurring, try to keep the drain line clear at all times. Simply pour a solution of bleach and water down the condensate drain to eliminate the mildew that can grow in it. If you live in a humid environment or your home has a long condensate drain, make sure to flush the line every two or three months to keep it clear.

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