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Perry C.

Thank you for the quick response on locating and installing the new unit for our CEM’s building. These buildings house critical monitoring equipment that is required to run 24-7. We have been very impressed with all the folks at your company that take care of our plant AC needs. Thank’s again for the continued quality service.

Richard H.

Dear Robin, This letter is to compliment one of your employees, Danny. We have found him to be such a gentleman and dedicated worker when he has come to our house to inspect our units and to repair any problems. Danny is very thorough in his explanations of any questions we may have. We have enjoyed having him on a regular basis, rather than having new or different employees. I am sure you have many good workers in the business, but we really like having the same person, so that a rapport is established between the company and us. Sometimes really dependable, hard workers are difficult to find. You have a really exceptional worker in Danny, and I thought it would be nice for you to know what an impression he has made on Tena and me. Robin, he reminds us of you when you were in the field doing such a great job.

Ron Q.

Jr. and Robin, Had to drop a note with some comments on an experience I had with a employee of yours. Gayle and I discovered our AC wasn’t working early Tuesday night and called your shop first thing Wednesday morning. The lady that I talked too was very nice and said they would page me when the tech was ready to go to the house. She paged me about 9:45. When I got home he was already there. He checked the unit and determined that the compressor was bad. He made several calls checking to see if the compressor had any warranty on it but of course it was out by a couple of years. We decided to replace the unit and I went back to work. His name was Ted and from the time he got out of the service truck until he completed the job he was very professional, polite and seemed very knowledgeable of his craft. When I got home and looked and the job, it was a very good looking and neat installation. Nothing was damaged, no trash left on the job, you couldn’t tell he had be there unless you looked at the new unit. It truly feels good to see that some companies still have first class employees that do care and provide high quality of work.

Carrie Shirk

AWESOME!! Answering service was very polite, and informed us of the evening rate, the repairman called stating he was on his way. Repairman was there within 30 minutes, and the AC was blowing in less than an hour. He gave us the amount upfront before he started working, which is always a great thing!! This is our second time using them, and we WILL NEVER use anyone else!! Not sure of the repairman’s name, but he was very polite!! Thank you AINSWORTH!!!

Jeremiah Price

We had Ainsworth replace our whole home system about 2 years ago. Our electric bill went down and our house stays cold. The owner came out and did an assessment and showed us a few things our home builder did wrong. We didn’t have enough square inches of return air grill space. So we were starving our system of air. We also did not have enough air vents; you wouldn’t believe the air flow now. We also had the UV light system and our allergies have improved. The guys did awesome job quality work and were very knowledgeable. Very happy with our new system.

Clint Partridge

Called Ainsworth at 3.30pm with an AC issue. They arrived at 5pm and diagnosed the problem which was the thermostat. The technician (Logan) was very polite and professional and the charge was very reasonable. If you require a first rate AC company then call them.