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Signs of Heater Repair in Dayton, TX

The heater is getting worse every day. Are you feeling cold air coming from vents? Do you know the signs of heater repair in Dayton, TX? It’s important to be aware of the warning signs that your heater needs a tune-up before it becomes too late and your HVAC system fails. Here are some things to look for:

1) If you notice moisture around the base of the unit, this could mean there is water leaking out from inside. This can lead to mold or other bacteria growth if you do not call for heater repair service in Baytown, TX right away.

2) Are there any unusual sounds coming from within? You may hear rattling or clanging noises which indicate parts might be loose and need adjustment.

3) Is your home drafty during winter months when heat should be on full blast? This means that either your system is not heating your home properly or there are registers near the floor that have been shut off.

4) Has your system failed to heat up? If you set the thermostat and it will not come on, this most likely means that there is a high voltage issue with the unit.

5) Do you smell something burning? This means that your unit is most likely overheating, which can cause fires. Schedule regular heat pump maintenance in Dayton, TX to keep your unit in excellent condition.

5) Are you noticing higher energy bills every month? This could mean there is a problem with the airflow.

7) Is it hot in your home during the summer and cold during winter? This means that there is a problem with temperature consistency.

8) Does your system seem to be running all day long? If this is the case, then it means that there are thermostat issues.

When dealing with heating problems or requiring gas heater installation in Dayton, TX, during winter months, remember these signs so you know when HVAC services are needed before things get out of hand!

In conclusion, heater repair can be costly if not taken care of immediately by an experienced professional from Ainsworth & Co. Call today at (281) 226-9818 for more information! We offer free estimates and will advise on how to prevent further damage from occurring.