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How to Save Money on AC This Summer

How to Save Money on AC This Summer

Running an air conditioner 24/7—especially during summer heat waves—can cause your electricity bill to skyrocket. Don’t let your AC blow your money away this year. Instead, use these tips from Ainsworth & Co. Air Conditioning – Heating, your air conditioner replacement company, to pay less to cool your house this summer.

Check for Leaky Windows and Doors

If your home isn’t brand new, you’ll need to check for worn window and door seals, which can let hot outdoor air seep in while your conditioned indoor air leaks out. Your utility provider or a local contractor can check your home for leaks, as well as recommend ways to make your home more energy efficient. You can also do a mini-audit yourself by standing outside your home and feeling along the windows and doors for drafts. If you find any, use caulk to seal leaky windows and add insulation around doors.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

If you haven’t yet upgraded to a smart thermostat, it’s time to make the change. Smart thermostats can help save you money by regulating your heating and cooling when you’re not at home. Plus, they allow you to adjust temperature settings when away from the house using an app on your phone. Check out the smart thermostats available from Ainsworth & Co. Air Conditioning – Heating. Your furnace replacement company will provide the one that’s right for you.

Keep Out the Sun

A window that lets in the hot sun will heat up not only your thermostat, but your home as well. During the warmest part of the day, close your window blinds and curtains to block out the sun. This will help insulate the windows and keep the cold air inside where it belongs.

Cool It With a Ceiling Fan

Sometimes it’s not a matter of just the HVAC unit; you may also need to supplement your cooling with proper circulation. Running a ceiling fan can make a room feel cooler, and as an added bonus uses only 10 percent of the energy of a central air conditioner. Choose from among the many models available from your local company

Get in touch with Ainsworth & Co. Air Conditioning – Heating. We’ll help you save on energy bills this summer. We serve homeowners in Crosby, TX, and its surrounding areas. Call us at (281) 837-8454 to talk about your energy-saving options.