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Heater Installation in Baytown, TX!

Are you looking for an experienced, dependable heater installation in Baytown, Texas? Ainsworth & Co. has provided expert heating services to the people of Baytown and surrounding communities for several years. We are proud to offer our complete line of HVAC services to residential and commercial customers through both new installations and existing system maintenance and repair.

Our heating division offers a wide selection of top-name brands and we feature both gas and electric furnaces and boilers. We recommend heater installation in Baytown, TX for the following reasons:

If your existing unit is old: 

An old heating system not only runs the risk of breaking down at an inopportune moment, but it may also cost more to operate than a newer, more efficient model. Older furnaces and boilers lose efficiency as they age due to increased fuel use and a compromised heat exchanger or other components. Replacing your existing system with a new system that meets today’s standards could result in substantial savings in fuel use and energy bills.

If you are building a new home:

Be sure to discuss the type of heating system and air conditioning system you want with your builder or architect during the initial planning stages. Heater installation in Baytown, TX should always be considered when designing and building a new home because it may require modifications to other components such as ductwork and ventilation systems.

If you are installing a central AC unit to supplement your existing heating system:

During the summer months, when your air conditioning is in use, there may not be enough hot air being produced by your furnace. This could result in discomfort or poor indoor air quality during the warmest days of the year. Installing a heater along with an air conditioning unit is a good solution for this type of problem.

Ainsworth & Co. offers expert heater installation in Baytown, TX because it’s what our customers want. We are committed to providing the highest level of professional service and our technicians are always prompt, polite, and neat. For years, we have never missed a deadline for finishing work on schedule. Call us at (281) 226-9818 for more information.