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Airflow and Humidity Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses

Airflow and Humidity: Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses

Many people make the mistake of thinking only those working outside are at risk of suffering from heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses. People working inside a building can be at risk too, however, depending on conditions inside the building and their overall health. Ainsworth & Co. Air Conditioning – Heating, one of the top HVAC repair contractors in the state, elaborates on how you can reduce this risk.

Airflow and Humidity Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses

How The Body Regulates Internal Temperature

Increased blood circulation is one of the two ways the body lowers its temperature. Once our internal body temperature moves beyond 98.6 ºF–normal body temperature–the heart starts to pump more blood. As warm blood comes closer to our skin, some of its excess heat passes through the skin and is released. By speeding up this process, the body can quickly get rid of excess heat.

Increased sweating is another way the body can regulate its internal temperature. When sweat evaporates off our skin, some of the excess heat is removed.

Personal Factors

Heat-related illnesses occur when either of these two processes is interrupted. Dehydration is a common issue, as without sufficient water, the body won’t be able to produce enough sweat to regulate the internal body temperature.

Given the cardiovascular system’s role in regulating body temperature, a less physically-fit person would have a higher chance of suffering from heat-related illnesses.

Environmental Factors

External factors can also interfere with the body’s natural temperature regulation mechanisms. Hot, humid conditions can slow down the evaporation of sweat, making it harder for the body to cool down. Poor ventilation in buildings is also another factor. The movement of cool air helps lower internal body temperature, and without it temperature regulation is much more difficult.

One way to mitigate the risk posed by these environmental factors is the installation of an air conditioner replacement or a new HVAC system. Newer models feature technology that’s more efficient at regulating indoor temperature and air flow. To prevent any problems with the installation, make sure the model you purchase is a reputable brand and is installed by an experienced contractor.

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